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Have you ever received a business card that looks like yours? A thin white paper that doesn’t stand out at all and gets lost in the shuffle. Your personal reputation and brand deserves better than that. Make that lasting first impression and stand out from the competition. Our UV printed business cards on wood, plastic, or metal are both professional and cool. UV printing is similar to traditional printing in the fact that it uses ink. But unlike traditional printing in which the ink dries absorbs into the paper and evaporates into the air, UV inks dry from being exposed to ultra-violet lights that almost instantly turn the liquid ink into a solid. There is little to no absorption into the stock, meaning less bleeds and a tighter more controlled print. However the biggest advantage to UV printing over traditional printing is the fact that it be applied to materials other than paper / card stock. UV printing allows us to full color print on non traditional materials such as wood, plastic and metal. If you have never had anything UV printed don’t worry it’s pretty simple. It’s similar to normal printing except we can print on materials such as wood, plastic and metal where as traditional printing cant’t. The ink dries instantly from the UV light allowing us to print on those materials. We will walk you through the process on how to setup your file if you need help. You can either supply your artwork in a vector format or we can we can create something for you. We also offer laser engraving.

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What type of UV printer do you operate?

We operate a Roland LEF300 printer.

How do I setup my file for UV printing?

Download our PDF template and it has all the specs listed. Setup a vector file, convert everything to outlines. Then just have all your colors in CMYK format.

Can I have something that’s laser engraved and also full color UV printed?

Yes we can do both processes on the same card. However it increases the cost quite a bit but if you want something completely unique consider that!

Can you print on wood, plastic and metal?

Yes that’s the big advantages of UV printing compared to traditional printing. We can print full color on materials other than just paper or card stock.

Will the ink easily scratch off?

This process is very durable. We’ve even tested printing on a metal card and taking a knife to try to scratch it, the metal cuts and scratches before the ink comes off.

What colors can I use?

Any colors you want. Setup your file in CMYK format. We can’t print metallic or shiny colors though. 

Can I have straight corners instead of rounded?

By default all cards come with slightly rounded edges. On metal we have to keep them rounded otherwise they would be incredibly sharp.

I don’t have a design, can you help?

We can help you come up with a design for a small fee. Just email us your logo in a vector format and whatever info you want on the card.

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