Plastic Business Cards

Our plastic business cards are quickly becoming a popular option. Are you handing out cards that feel cheap and look like every other business card you see? Are you looking to find a high end, unique business card? Never again will your business card get lost in the shuffle or thrown away. If you want to stand out from the crowd then you are in luck. Our business cards engraved or UV printed on plastic are the perfect way to make that good first impression – It’s like carrying a work of art in your wallet. Perfect for entrepreneurs, artists, photographers, designers, or anyone else who wants something different. Roughly the thickness of a credit card. Other sizes and shapes are available including wedding invites, signs, hangtags, and more.

Minimum 100 cards per order. Typical turn around time is 7-10 business days. When on white or black the engraving reveals a clear transparent that you can see through. The clear card engraves to show white. We can print in full color on the plastic as well. Our cards are are roughly the thickness of a credit card. We use only the finest materials available and can feel the difference when holding our cards. They truly have a nice aesthetic feel and modern feel to them. We also offer metal business cardswood business cards.

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What color plastic cards can I get?

We currently stock the three colors listed but can UV print any color on the white cards.

Can you engrave or print on both sides?

It depends, if the card engraves to clear we can only engrave on one side as the back side would show through. If you get a solid color we can engrave or print on both sides.

Can you cut through the plastic?

Yes we can cut through the plastic and have interior cuts in the middle or a unique shape along the edge of the card.

How thick are your plastic cards?

Our cards are roughly the same thickness as a credit card.

Can I have a custom size?

Yes we can do custom sizes both larger and smaller than the traditional 3.5”x2” business card size. The price per card will increase or decrease depending on the size compared to a traditional size.

Can I print a color on the business card?

Yes we can print in full color, or laser engrave on the plastic.

Can I have straight corners?

By default all cards come with slightly rounded edges. If you’d like straight corners just request that when submitting your artwork.

I don’t have a design, can you help?

We can help you come up with a design for a small fee. Just email us your logo in a vector format and whatever info you want on the card.

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