Laser Engraved Business Cards

Have you ever received a business card that looks like yours? Thin white paper that doesn’t stand out at all and gets lost in the shuffle. Your personal brand deserves better than that. Make that lasting first impression and stand out from the competition. Our laser engraved business cards are both professional and cool.

The term “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Basically a beam of light is reflected through a series of mirrors, that points the beam downward through a focus lens which is designed to concentrate the light into heat at an exact point. That point where the laser touches the surface is called the “focal point” and is where the heat is most intense. This focal point usually equates to roughly 1/200” in actual cutting accuracy. We operate a Universal Laser Systems XLS 600 dual beam 60 watt machine and an Epilog EXT36. We use the laser to remove material and what is normally “printed” will be cut away from your card. By varying the intensity of the beam, we can engrave at different depths, or even cut all the way through the material for a unique edge or die cut look. You can either supply your artwork in a vector format or we can we can create something for you. We also offer full color UV printing.

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What laser machine do you operate?

We operate a Universal Laser Systems XLS 600 dual beam 60 watt machine and an Epilog EXT36.

How do I setup my file for laser engraving?

Download our PDF template and it has all the specs listed. Setup a vector file, convert everything to outlines. Black for engraving and Red for anything you’d like cut all the way through the card.

Can I have something that’s laser engraved and also full color UV printed?

Yes we can do both processes on the same card. However it increases the cost quite a bit but if you want something completely unique consider that!

Can you cut through the metal?

Currently we are only able to engrave on the cards but not cut through them

Can you engrave at different depths?

Typically we engrave all at the same depth. However if you need one element engraved deeper than others just let us know when contacting. Additional charges may apply for how much is engraved deeper (requires lots more time).

Can you laser engrave in color?

No, laser engraving only removes material. In wood it burns a darker color in. We can however print full color with our UV printing process.

Can I have straight corners instead of rounded?

By default all cards come with slightly rounded edges. On metal we have to keep them rounded otherwise they would be incredibly sharp.

I don’t have a design, can you help?

We can help you come up with a design for a small fee. Just email us your logo in a vector format and whatever info you want on the card.

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