Review Plugins

If you have lots of positive reviews on Google, Facebook or Yelp you will want to showcase those on your website. This will build trust and credibility from potential customers seeing validated third party reviews about your company. We can install and configure plugins on your WordPress site to do just that. If you have a negative reviews and worried they will show up we can set a filter on the plugin to only show 4 and 5-star reviews if you want. We will provide you with a license to these plugins and install them on to your WordPress website on one page. We will link the necessary accounts to bring in your reviews.

Grid Example

Badge Example

Slider Example

All Google Reviews

The plugin uses a Google My Business API and can get all Google reviews, not just 5 like other similar plugins that use a public Google Places API.

Rating Filter

Ability to hide reviews with lower ratings and show only the best. This helps maintain a high opinion of your users about your business.


Search engines love new content on the site, which you can add via reviews. The plugin renders reviews directly in HTML and they are indexed.

Trim Long Reviews

Some reviews returned by Google, Yelp or Facebook may be very long. The plugin has ability to collapses such reviews and add ‘read more’ links.


Five powerful and beautiful layouts: Slider, Reviews List, Fixed and Embedded Trust Badge, Reviews Grid with 2, 3 or 4 columns.

Shortcode & Widget

To show reviews on your site, you just need to create a collection that can be used in the sidebar widget or as a shortcode anywhere on the page.

Any Sorting

Sort reviews by recent, oldest, highest score, lowest score or random. Also, the unique sorting method is striped, for instance: Google FB Yelp and etc.

User Confidence

The main goal of the plugin is increase a user trust. The real rating and reviews from Google or Facebook looks great directly on the site.

If you have verified Google business account we will need access shared and can display all Google reviews. For Facebook you will need to share your login one time and can dispaly all Facebook reviews. For Yelp we can connect that without any login credentials but it will only display 3 reviews due to Yelps API restrictions. 

$150 for one, $250 for all three

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