How do customers create reviews?

Once your customer submits a feedback survey, the system will send them to a specific webpage based on the feedback rating. Any negative feedback will go directly to you the business owner. Positive feedback directs the customer to a list of predetermined review sites to share their positive experience. Those same positive reviews are automatically posted to your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter if you enable those settings.

What review sites should I be on?

It depends on your business, but Google, Yelp, Kudzu, and Yahoo are some of the big ones. These important review sites are built into our system for you. 

Do you guarantee reviews will be posted to review sites?

We cannot guarantee reviews will be accepted and posted by third party review sites. The each have their own terms and conditions that vary.

Can I edit customer reviews once they are posted on review sites?

Our automated system routes customers with negative feedback to a resolution page, allowing you to address the issue. Review sites do not allow you to edit customer reviews, but you may be allowed to respond with a comment. By responding, new potential customers can see that you are actively working with unhappy customers and may decide to choose you based on your ability to address an issue promptly.

Can I download or upload my entire customer list?

You can upload or download multiple customer contacts at once.

Do you have a mobile interface?

The platform is built on a fully responsive HTML5 platform making it 100% browser compatible on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

I'm stuck

If you need help there are 17 training videos for our members so you can setup your account exactly how you want. Or for a small setup fee we can help you create your account.

Can I cancel anytime?

This is a monthly service and you can cancel at any time. Cancellation policy.