How laser engraving actually works

So what is laser engraving? The term “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Basically a beam of light is reflected through a series of mirrors, that points the beam downward through a focus lens which is designed to concentrate the light into heat at an exact point. That point where the laser touches the surface is called the “focal point” and is where the heat is most intense. This focal point is less than a millimeter in size, however the diffraction of heat upon contact with the surface usually equates to roughly 1/200” in actual cutting accuracy. We operate a Universal Laser Systems XLS 600 dual beam 60 watt machine and an Epilog EXT36.

How does laser engraving drifter from traditional printing? When you print something traditionally you add ink to paper. This is the opposite. We use the laser to remove material and what is normally “printed” will be cut away from your card with visible depth and texture. By varying the intensity of the beam, we can engrave at different depths, or even cut all the way through the material for a unique edge or die cut look. Another great thing about this process is that it does not involve any bits, blades, ink, or other components that need to be replaced, which allows us to ensure that each and every card is consistent in it’s look and end quality. We also offer full color UV printing which can also be done with laser engraving for a unique pairing.


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